Resources of O.M.E.G.A.


  • OMEGA Island – The OMEGAnauts main base is a small island (formerly “Old Pirate Key” just past the Dry Tortugas, now removed from all maps save the secret ones the U.S. Coast Guard uses to navigate the Florida Keys). It is powered by a revolutionary geothermal generator connected to an undersea volcanic vent(s). The base contains barracks/dormitories (which are more like 4-star hotel level accommodations) capable of housing the entire OMEGA organization (though generally only two or three teams are stationed here at one time), a hanger capable of holding 4-6 airplanes of different sizes, various watercraft (for excursions to the mainland), and several jeeps (to get around the island). Facilities include state-of-the-art laboratories, weapon target ranges, gymnasiums, a Olympic size pool, and office-like work-spaces. There is also storage for OMEGA’s gear and some of the seized devices, gadgets, and gizmos of former foes. Amenities include the naturally occurring hot springs (now utilized in man-made hot tubs), Doc Carson’s famous “Zero-G hammocks,” and several M.A.R.C. IV’s to serve as robotic bartenders and valets.
  • NYC Office – The administrative headquarters of OMEGA (and CIPHER) – Command is located in several connected brownstones several blocks from the United Nations Building. Dr. Sanderson works out of these offices, attended by a myriad of aides, secretaries, accountants, and actuaries. OMEGA: Orange is also based out of this location.
  • Canada Base – Located in the side of a mountain near Montreal, Quebec, this base houses OMEGA: Blue and has special training and gear to deal with missions in colder climates.
  • Bolt Hangar – Located in the middle of Kansas, the hangar for OMEGA’s latest aircraft is actually underground and is concealed above by acres and acres of pristine wheat fields (which can be moved aside when a Bolt needs to be launched or recovered. OMEGA: Green also calls this base home.
  • Catalina Island – Located in California, this base is actually not on the island, but beneath the waves in the Pacific Ocean. Manned by OMEGA: Indigo, this base is the launching point for any water or undersea missions that OMEGA must undertake.
  • OthersOMEGA maintains smaller facilities in some major cities of North America, but these can range from small apartments to larger facilities, and are generally assigned on an as-needed basis by Command.


  • The Bolt – A state-of-the-art experimental VTOL/STOL aircraft.
  • Normal aircraftOMEGA has a number of “regular” aircraft in its fleet, including two DC-4’s, several DC-3’s, and some other smaller aircraft of the single engine variety. Most are unarmed and keep pace with standard commercial aviation.
  • Ground Vehicles – depending on the mission, ground vehicles can be provided by CIPHER or squeezed into a Bolt’s cargo bay (often when a mission needs to be self-contained this is the best option). These vehicles can range from jeeps (for rough terrain) to larger model sedans (capable of holding an entire mission team) to sporty roadsters (as the mission dictates). These vehicles may (or may not) include “after-market additions” to their standard equipment packages.


  • Communicators – Utilizing powerful solid-state circuitry and the smallest transistors available to mankind, these small, two-way video communicators have a range of 500 miles (while in civilized parts of the globe) and about 150 miles (in less civilized and/or remote locales). They are pre-set to frequencies by OMEGA Teams, though obviously they also use state-of-the-art frequency-hopping as an antidote to jamming or interception. The comms take two forms, assigned by teams, the more standardized “wrist model” looks like an over-sized wrist-watch (okay, very over-sized). The slightly less common model (but currently that used by OMEGA: Violet) is that of a woman’s compact (the screen being the mirror). A special, one-off variant of this model is held by “Crash” Rocwell, whose comm is placed in a similar compass-housing.
  • M.A.R.C. – Mobile Assistant Robotic Companion – conceived of in the early days of the program by a gifted scientist working for Command, the MARC units have gone through several models. Currently at MARC IV, they serve as assistants, bartenders, valets, and of course, manual laborers. Attempts to weaponize them have been unsuccessful thus far.
  • Omnivac – a revolution in electric brain research, Omnivac is a “super-computer.” Housed in a secret location known only to a select few in Command, Omnivac is attended by a squad of programmers who feed it information of all sorts, round-the-clock. It responds by periodically producing a report of an “anomaly” that then OMEGA is generally dispatched to investigate, explore, and/or deal with.

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Resources of O.M.E.G.A.

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