Allies and Contacts

C.I.P.H.E.R. – Coordinated International Policy Headquarters for Espionage Response

CIPHER is the “sibling” agency of OMEGA, though it was technically created first (dating back to the National Security Act of 1947, though researchers will find no evidence of such in anything but the most classified versions of those documents). CIPHER takes its role as an “older brother” seriously, and serves to investigate, analyze, and tie up loose ends of operations often begun by OMEGA while the latter is on to the next exploration.

CIPHER agents all seem to dress in a “uniform” of sorts… they all wear gray suits, gray, short-brimmed fedoras, gray shoes, and gray overcoats (no belts) and sunglasses. There is also something… off about them – they seem distracted during conversations and yet never seem to miss a beat.

The main liaison agent with OMEGA is Agent Simms.


Command is the codename for Dr. Jason Sanderson, who currently heads up oversight of the OMEGA and CIPHER organization. It also refers to the support personnel (bureaucrats, secretaries, stenographers, analysts, accountants, etc.) that work to assist this office. Command is currently based out of the NYC Office, 5 blocks from the United Nations Building. For more on how Command rolls up, please see Organization and Structure.

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Allies and Contacts

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