Simone Cezanne

Petite brunette from Montreal, famous actress and infamous cat burglar.



  • 59 Strength
  • 99 Reflex
  • 88 Intelligence
  • 57 Willpower
  • 84 Constitution

Movement: 79
Dexterity: 94

Secondary scores MOV (average of STR & REF) and DEX (average of REF & INT) can then be calculated.


  • Pistols 1
  • Appraisal 1
  • Fast Talk 1
  • Social Chameleon 2
  • Sleight of Hand 4
  • Lockpicking 4
  • Safecracking 3
  • Security Systems 3
  • Acrobatics 3
  • Dancing 2
  • Persuasion 4
  • Seduction 2

Powers: Wall Climbing


  • Attractive 1
  • Celebrity 1
  • Internal Clock 2 (singing)
  • Night Vision 2
  • Con Artist 2


  • Dependent 2
  • Weird Disadvantage 4

— Where do I add in stealth, climbing, blackjack?


Simone Cezanne is currently 32, an aging actress of Canadian film with a few minor parts in American films.

Simone is the first daughter and second child of the Cezanne family in Montreal. She grew up a child of privilege and wealth, but without much attention from her parents. She acted out more as she grew older, finding more precocious and visible ways of annoying her parents in increasingly desperate attempts for attention. She started stealing around age 13, primarily through minor items but escalating as she became older and acted out more. At some point, it became a thrill in its own right, a rush of adrenaline in an otherwise tedious social life, and not just a way to seek attention or rebel against her family’s strict and sterile upbringing.

During World War II, Simone toured the European front as part of CANCON, the Canadian version of the USO. She met her first husband overseas, Captain Gerard St Denis, a young and handsome Captain in the Canadian army. He was killed during the storming of Juno Beach in Normandy on D-Day. ( While she has had other marriages since, it’s been reported in one of her biographies that Gerard was the only one she’s truly loved and for whom she continues to carry a torch.

She continued this work during Canada’s involvement in the Korean War, performing singing and dancing shows for the Canadian boys in uniform overseas. During this period, she married two other husbands, each for a period of about a year – one, the actor Conrad Sheffield, of Toronto, and later the screenwriter George Hastings. Each ended in divorce, the first rumored to be when Conrad was caught in a compromising position with one of the young interns on the set, and the second due to Simone’s struggles with alcohol (unofficially).

Simone Cezanne

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