Katherine "Kitty" Cross

Expert Tracker; Healer


Strength 76
Reflex 100
Intelligence 66
Willpower 76
Constitution 77
Movement 78
Dexterity 73

Stealthy 2
Empathy 2
Fearlessness 2
Indomit. Will 5

Enemy 1
Sense of Duty 3
Traumatic f.b. 4

Skills Level
Basic Melee 1
Knife 2
Attack 1
Sil. Kill 1
Impromptu 2
Unique 2

Concealment 2
Interrogation 1
Stealth 3
Tracking 4
Traps 1

Perception 2
Persuasion 5
Sleight of Hand 3
Orienteering 1

Basic Science 1
Biology 3
Medicine 3

Occult Knowl. 2
Resist Fear 1
Vanishing 4


Public Occupation: Healer/Lay Missionary
Covert Occupation: Expert Tracker—a finder of people, ideas, solutions, things stolen, things lost
Born: unknown, assumed 1926
Age: 33

Youth: She was found in a basket on the doorstone of St. Anthony’s Orphan Asylum in Baltimore with the note “Let her serve God” pinned to her blanket. She was taken in by the Sisters of the Holy Cross, given the name Katharine, and raised and educated according to the tenets of the faith. She grew to be a likeable, disciplined child. She blended in well, often to the point of being entirely invisible. She proved calm and capable during the day-to-day crises of the asylum, and showed an aptitude for healing. Mother Superior noticed this and when Kitty was only ten, she was permitted to begin attending the Sisters on various hospital visits.

During the War: Katharine was intended for further schooling at the Sisterhood’s home of Notre Dame in Indiana. However, the onset of the war changed that. When Mother Superior gathered sisters to enlist as members of the US Navy Nurse Corps, Katharine requested to go. In spite of Katharine’s age (and for subtle reasons of her own) Mother Superior permitted it. For enlistment purposes Katharine adopted the last name “Cross”, listed her birth year as 1922 and spent 1941-1945 stationed on the USS Solace, caring for casualties in various island campaigns throughout the Far East. Her indefatigably cheerful nature made her a favorite among the crew, and it was from one of them that the sobriquet “Kitty” came. In her four years of service, she picked up a variety of skills—nautical, medical and otherwise (this is where she learned the knife trick)—and though she would never have called herself a true master of any, she would admit that her apparent prowess was bolstered by the element of surprise.

After the War: Upon returning to the US, Mother Superior saw to it that Kitty was packed off to Notre Dame for a formal education in medicine. Then, in 1950, she joined the Sisters of the Holy Cross in mission work to Brazil. The officially acknowledged purpose was the founding of the College of St. Mary’s in Sao Paulo.

However, it was in Brazil that Kitty became a member of Mother Superior’s inner circle, and learned about some of the less public projects of the Order. These good works of the Sisters were intended to remain entirely unknown. As Mother Superior would say: “The Lord’s Work is just, but it sometimes requires a slight blindness to the laws of Man.” Over the next twelve years, under the tutelage of the Sisters, Kitty became an expert tracker.

At the Start of the Game: Officially, Kitty is simply a lay member of the Order and focused on its good works in hospitals around the world. The Order’s benevolence extends to any who seek them out and show just cause, which is how she got delegated to go on this particular mission.

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Katherine "Kitty" Cross

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