Betty Boone

Combat Telepath


Betty’s father is a very successful insurance salesman, so the children were allowed to have fun, rather than start work like many of their friends. As the youngest of six children Betty always struggled to find her niche. She was active, and would have been a tom boy if her mother hadn’t steered her towards more feminine activities. She found a home at a local dance studio and loved every type of dance she tried. She was a popular partner, the boys often commented she seemed to know what move they were going to do before they did.
When WWII broke out, Betty’s teacher encouraged all her students to join the USO. Betty leaped at the chance to be part of the war effort and was soon a chorus girl, touring Europe in satin and heels. She loved the attention of the soldiers and would often sit in the mess tent for hours talking with the boys.

I Was a Nazi Prisoner!
Betty and the other chorus girls were sharing a flight with some generals when the fiendish Nazis shot down their plane. Betty was among the few survivors, and was not seriously injured by the crash. Since the generals were all killed, the Nazis did not believe she was ‘just’ a dancer, and kept interrogating her. Finally she and the others were taken to a secret stronghold – a castle in the mountains were scientists were working on a new truth serum. Instead of getting them to talk, the serum had horrible effects on them – some died and the rest became horribly sick. Unbeknownst to them, Bobby Soxx had seduced the captain of the Nazi guards, getting him to conceal her in the trunk of his car. Bobby Soxx sneaked into the castle, stole a pistol and was able to take out the guards. Meanwhile crack test pilot Flynn “Crash” Rockwell had seduced one of the interrogators – Ilsa Haupmann – to learn the location of the prisoners. He then rebuilt the “Condor”, a glider constructed by downed POW pilots to fly the gang to safety.

As Betty recovere back in the US, she quickly realized the experiements changed her. She was desperate to find a new way to help the war effort and bring the dasterdly Nazi’s to justice. When a man from the OSS came to Betty she again leapt to help. She learned to be a spy, and soon was sent back to Europe.


Betty Boone

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