The End?

Sims recommends we return to the plane to use the receiver to track Stacy’s communicator. He reports they tracked the other ship headed to south Carolina, landed and then took off a super-sonic speed. Crash takes off and pushes the plane as hard as he can. Crash almost catches up over Miami. The signal suddenly diminishes, and Crash circles the plane. Bobbi looks out the window and spots a drive-in theater Crash lands behind the screen. Simone and Betty notice a storm door. Simone picks the lock, and we all head down. Bobbi leads down the hallway, stopping to look in the interrogation rooms. We head in to a large control room, the center screen is showing us walking up. Bobbi looks around and shoots the camera. The center chair spins around and Jack Champion III says ‘that was rude’ and we hear boots running down the hall towards us. The team takes positions, as Crash threatens JCIII. Crash shoots Buck in the head, then points back at JCIII ‘I am serious’ Simone points her gun at Sparks.
Jack Champion III says they are not traitors. Simone asks how that is possible. He says the whole system is corrupt and needs to be brought down. The teams all nods, and Simone and Stacy both shoot Sparks as Bobbi shoots Jack Champion III. Jack Champion III shoots Crash. Kitty tries to stab an incoming mook. Betty hits another mook with her cane, shattering his wrist. Jack Champion III presses ducks out of the room. Bobbi shoots at him as Crash leaps the console and chases him. The screen slams back down behind Crash. He runs down a hallway, encountering their Bolt with Natalie in the pilot seat. Crash shoots Jack Champion III in the leg, crippling him, then starts mashing all the buttons in his chair. Natalie shoots at Crash, but he ducks behind the chair. Natalie takes off.
Betty takes a swing at a mook, but drops her cane. Bobbi shoots a mook, then walks up and kisses his forehead.
We take Jack Champion III in to custody for questioning.
OMEGA is reorganized and we are now inin change, base out of the drive-in movie theatre.



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