Episode 1: Part 9

The Spies Who Stayed Out in the Cold

The SnowCat stops in front of the Bureau of Engraving and Printing, as a group of guys runs out the door. As Crash drives up, the rear doors swing open and a machine gun pops up. Crash swerves and hits the back of the snow-cat, so it was pointing at his team. Bobbi shoots the guy carrying the bag, knocking him down. When the driver of the SnowCat gets out, Crash realizes it is Buck Morgan from OMEGA-Red. Bobbi takes a position behind the car, but the machine gun guy shoots her left hand. Buck activates his jet-pack and takes off. Bobbi shoots the machine gun guy. Stacy gets shot and kicks the guy that shot her. Crash leans out the car door and takes a long-range shot at the rapidly disappearing Buck, astoundingly hitting Buck in the hand! Buck drops the satchel. Bobbi gets shot in her other hand. Bobbi and Crash finish off the rest of the mercenaries. Crash run up to the SnowCat and points his gun at the (new) driver. Stacy shoots past Crash’s ear and kills the driver. She then explains she dropped her communicator in to Buck’s pocket before he took off. Stacy pulls off everyone’s ski-masks, and recognizes Max Stone, the weapons guy from OMEGA-Red, and several were from OMEGA-Blue.

Betty runs after the third man; he breaks her cane and she stabs him in the neck. Kitty staggers out to the bundles, and Simone tosses her a rope. She manages to pull the bundles and herself off the ice. The children have hypotherma but are fine.

The team regroups, Kitty performs first aid on the team, and they head to the White House. They also call Agent Simms to report in.



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