Episode 1: Part 8

When It Snows in June

The scene begins with an argument among the group: Canada or Las Vegas? The ultimate choice was Miami because Doc Carson had come out of his coma and left the hospital. The group takes off in the new Bolt, a gift from the Admiral.

Over Washington, DC, Crash notices a blip on the radarscope. He realizes it’s the Pelican, and it’s in a high-altitude flight pattern. Suddenly, the Bolt was surrounded by ice and snow. Betty remembers that Dr. Calamity’s stolen device was possibly equipped on the Pelican. Bobbi gets on the radio and receives a broadcast from Agent Simms, who says that the National Weather Service is saying DC is inundated with a snowfall… in June! The team speculates that OMEGA Blue is involved. Simms also notes that there is some concern that the President’s grandchildren might be kidnapped. Crash continues pursuit of the Pelican. Tricky flying taxed Crash’s skills, and he sent the plane into a dive to rid the wings of ice, then landed the Bolt at Bolling Air Force Base.

Crash and Bobbi attempt to “charm” a lieutenant into refueling the plane and restocking the plane’s bar. Agent Simms contacted the group and asked them to contact the Secret Service to assist with the investigation of the kidnapping plot. The team heads to the Treasury Building to meet the Secret Service agents. While Crash is driving the team from the airport to the Treasury Building, Simone noticed the sound and tracks of a SnowCat. Crash turned to follow the SnowCat.

A chase ensued; Bobbi and Simone scored hits with their pistols as Crash pursued the SnowCat down 15th Street NW toward the Tidal Basin. The SnowCat veered toward the Tidal Basin retaining wall, with Crash pushing the SnowCat with the car. The SnowCat crashed through the retaining wall and onto a dock below, while Crash used the hand brake to spin the car to face the SnowCat. Bobbi, Simone, and Crash pinned the occupants of the SnowCat and demanded they come out with their hands up; Betty flanked the occupants. Kitty moved toward the SnowCat to rescue the children if possible. Crash took a bullet from one SnowCat occupant; Bobbi shot the other occupant, while Simone shot the first shooter. A third SnowCat occupant tossed two “bundles” onto the ice of the Tidal Basin (the grandchildren); Betty pursued the third occupant while Kitty moved out onto the thin ice to rescue the children.

Crash and Bobbi heard another SnowCat in the distance and went back to the car to give pursuit…



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