Episode 1: Part 7

Bobbi and Kitty take Bob (the captive mercenary) and head to Bayonne to check out the warehouse where the mercs assembled. Bobbi sneaks into the warehouse and looks around, heading further into the building. Bobbi finds cigarette butts and some crates, but no people or anything incriminating looking. They leave Bob there and head back to the hotel. Crash spends the time teaching Homer how to mix drinks.

Crash calls a hooker, and everyone retires to their rooms. After breakfast the team heads to Idlewild Airport. As Crash is driving, a large Lincoln cuts them off and he screeches to a halt. Out steps Jack Champion, Sr. and he canes over to the team. He says he’s had trouble keeping tabs on them, and has some information about Nellis Air Force Base. The items stolen were from all over the base. OMEGA-Violet updates him on everything they have discovered, and he is concerned. He gives them ammunition and tells them to be careful.

The team heads to the Pan Am terminal. They quickly spot Simms and his agents. Marcie has a file folder with the documents Kitty allegedly signed moving blood to Canada. Simone realizes the signature is her forgery of Kitty’s signature, from when Natalie asked her to sign a birthday card for one of the support personnel on OMEGA Island. Simms suddenly asks for a phone and, after a conversation, he announces Doc Carter is awake and walked out of the hospital. He then tells the team to tune their communicators as the Admiral wants to speak with them. The Admiral says he’s confused as to why OMEGA-Violet disobeyed orders, but is glad to hear they are making progress and satisfied that Agent Simms has vouched for them. He then gives them the last Avro Bolt – a VTOL.



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