Simone shoots at the thugs and hits one in the leg. Stacy follows suit. Crash shoots the large man on the ladder in the crotch. The man then purposefully lets go of the ladder and falls on to Crash’s head. Kitty stabs a thug, as Bobbi shoots another one. Betty runs up to the retreating thugs and kicks one. Kitty shoots another. Crash, nearly stunned, manages to shoot the large man again. He falls from the ladder to the field the helicopter took off from with a loud “THUD!”

Crash realizes that Natalie is cutting the ladder, so he races up the ladder to grab a skid. As he leaps to grab the skid, the ladder flaps away. She looks down and curses… in Russian!

Betty and Bobbi race to get the car to follow the helicopter while the others round up the final upright thug.

Natalie pulls her gun and shoots at Crash. He grabs her arm and yanks, tossing her out. She screams and falls to the ground. Bobbi and Betty agree no one could survive the fall, and drive on. Crash climbs in to the helicopter, and explains he can fly the helicopter, so is happy to shoot the pilot and toss him out, or let the pilot land and go free. The pilot heads for an field; Crash and Homer get out of the helicopter and walk away.

Simone pulls the mask off the big man Crash tossed off the ladder, and realizes it is Big Mike Young from OMEGA-Blue.

The team regroups and returns to New York City. They have Homer, a captive, and a trunk full of guns. Kitty patches up the captive and Crash, while Simone talks to a traumatized Homer. They check into a hotel and settle in.

Crash asks Homer to draw his valve system. It seems best suited to a high-altitude dispersal.
Kitty questions their captive (Bob) and learns he is a mercenary hired by Natalie. They met in Bayonne, were driven to the heliport, and flew to the high school.

Simone’s communicator beeps and she gets a call that Marcie Little wants to talk to her. She has been looking over the paperwork and discovered OMEGA-Violet authorized a large amount of blood transferred to Canada Base.



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