Episode 1: Part 4.5-5

Bobbi calls Homer Kimmelman and gets Kimmelman Plumbing. She says they are with USO to interview inventors. His father is very excited so tells her where he will be. The team meets at the school. Bobbi is dressed as a sexy teacher. She goes to the group of nerds and asks for Homer. They tell her he went off with a teacher they didn’t recognize. Simone and Bobbi head off after him. Simone gets a glimpse and thinks it might be Natalie Reynolds (from Omega Red), but how can that be… she’s dead! Simone calls to Homer that his father is on the phone. Homer starts to turn, but Natalie drags him off. Simone calls on the communicator for help. The whole team runs to intercept. They hear gunfire. Simone calls to Homer that he should run. Bobbi shoots Natalie’s hand.

Crash runs towards the gunfire and catches up to Bobbi and Simone. He shoots at Natalie as she opens the hall door and drags Homer out. Stacy pulls her pistol and runs after. As she reaches the door, heavy gunfire errupts and the hall windows are blown out. They all dive for the floor.

Kitty and Betty come around the exterior corner of the building and see Natalie dragging Homer as a helicopter drops a rope ladder. Crash runs through the door and shoots at the helicopter as Betty runs towards Natalie. Simone runs in to a classroom and climbs out an un-targeted window. Kitty stabs a thug to get him to stop shooting. Bobby shoots Natalie.

Crash drops his gun and leaps on to the ladder.



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