Episode 1: Part 4

Pilot: Act II, Continued.

The team lands at Idlewild Airport. Crash drops off the plane, Betty calls a friend to ask if they have any idea where CIPHER’s New York safe house might be. He agrees to look in to it. The team gets in a cab and heads to Grand Central Station. Betty realizes they are being followed, so offers the driver an extra $5 to lose them which he does. They get the address of the safe house and head to the third floor of an office building. Kitty decided to sneak in to the safe house, while Betty and Crash go and knock on the front door. They introduce themselves to the two CIPHER agents and Betty shows them her badge. They clearly know who Crash and Betty are, and ask why they aren’t in Miami. She reminds them they are on the same team, and the men agree to let them speak to Miss Little. Betty starts talking to Miss Little and Marcie starts crying. Crash swoops in to comfort her. She describes the day, the men came in the front door and she hid under her desk while they shot everyone.

Then Betty, Crash, and Kitty sneak in to the New York office to look for clues. Crash finds the bar while Betty and Kitty search for clues. They gather Marcie’s personal effects and papers before leaving.

Simone finds Agent Simms in her hotel room. She tells him about the numbers (that Doc Carson was muttering in the hospital) and he suggests the second number is a patent number. He explains the team is under suspicion and they talk. He finally agrees to let them leave without telling CIPHER.

The next morning Bobbi heads to the nearest library. She explains she found some numbers on the back of a hotel receipt and asked for help finding out what the numbers mean. After some time and research the reference librarian tells her that they are both Patent numbers, and they are registered to a Homer Kimmelman.

Jack Champion, Sr. calls to tell the group that his contacts have discovered that at the same time as the attack on OMEGA, several items were stolen from an annex to Nellis Air Force Base. He has a list of inventory numbers, but they are useless outside of the facility…



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