Episode 1: Part 3

Pilot: Act II, Continued.

The Omicron arrives in Miami. CIPHER has taken over the top floor of a hotel and “requested” that the team stay in the hotel. One CIPHER agent is by the elevator.

Kitty sneaks out of the hotel and heads out on the town. The rest of the team heads to the hotel bar. In a dark booth they see a man that Simone recognizes – Jack Champion, Sr. Crash notices that Bobbi Soxx is in the booth with Champion, Sr. He sits down and introduces himself. Champion sends his card to Simone and Betty and we all gather at the booth. He asked Bobbi to join the team, and asks what are plans are. He explains that Marcie Little survived the New York attack and Doc Carson was fished out of the water with a gunshot to the head and taken to Miami General.

Crash walks up to one of the CIPHER agent and knocks him out. Betty walks up to the other agent and knocks him on the head with her cane. Crash looks through the agent’s pockets to get keys. Betty goes through the other agent’s pockets, taking his notebook and some of his pills. Crash, Betty, and Kitty take the agents’ car and head to the airport.

Bobbi, Simone, and Stacy head to the hospital. They go to the nurses’ changing room and dress as nurses and candy strippers before going to Doc Carson’s room. They find he’s under protective custody. Bobbi walks up to the police, announces she’s there to change his cathter and heads in to the room. There’s a man in a grey suit sitting next to the bed. She asks him to step out, then looks at Carson. He is muttering a number(s): 2884254 D185078. She checks his chart then heads back into the hall.

Meanwhile, at the airport, Crash brazenly steals a plane, and the three fly to New York.



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