Episode 1: Part 2

Pilot: Act II

Crash starts looking around for a life raft. The team escapes the plane, and makes it into the raft. Crash dives in and pulls the raft. Eventually the Coast Guard ship Omicron is spotted, and they rescue the group. Medics examine the group, and it is gradually realized that they have been separated and placed in different rooms with a guard on each room.

Kitty puts some herbs in the liquor she Crash gave her,and invites her guard in. After 15 minutes he passes out, she tucks him in and leaves. Simone seduces her guard, and after he falls asleep she leaves. Betty asks to go to the bathroom, turns on the shower, and escapes out the air duct. Crash settles in and starts writing his memoirs in his head. After a bit, a commander comes in and says the Admiral wants to see him. He pauses and asks Crash if he knows where his companions are. Crash suggests they have been distracted and wandered off.

Betty makes her way to the officers’ quarters. She goes through the captain’s safe, looking for the last orders, to see if this is a trap.

Kitty sneaks about, and heads for the radio room. She overhears the ship giving permission for a helicopter to land. As she is walking, she finds the rest of the team. They all head for the bridge. Admiral Conrad Flagg escorts the ladies to the boardroom. Crash regal them with a tale of his version of what happened. The admiral says that we are the only O.M.E.G.A. team that has been found, Agent Simms arrives and explains that island had a catastrophic failure and exploded. The New York offices were assaulted by gunmen. Catalina Island flooded and sunk. Bolt Hanger under Kansas imploded. Canada bases is covered in blood, but they have found no bodies. The ship is headed for Miami and C.I.P.H.E.R. will take over the investigation.



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