June 1959
New Orleans, in a graveyard, 0400

The OMEGAnauts are facing Professor Voodoo and his zombie minions.

Betty notices most [of the aforementioned minions] are dressed in their nightclothes and aren’t showing signs of decay. Betty runs up to the mausoleum Professor Voodoo is standing on, and hits him in the groin with her cane. Simone shoots the professor in the left arm. Crash launches off a tombstone and leaps into a crowd of zombies and starts punching as they start to swarm him. Kitty vanishes into the shadows and moves behind Professor Voodoo.

Professor Voodoo thumps his cane on the mausoleum and there is a blinding flash. Kitty notices some movement in the shadows and runs after him. Simone breaks free of the zombies as the group all hears a voice call “Omega Code White!” as they hear jet packs roar and tires squeal. Omega Red has arrived.

Jack Champion III tosses Crash his lighter, and asks for his flask back. When Crash starts to tell a story, he turns away and asks Sparks if he has located the signal. He then orders Omega Violet to shut down the transmitter. We all pile in to Buck Morgan’s car and [with] Crash [behind the wheel] take off.

We arrive at the WXMB, and Crash drives straight thru the chain link fence. Crash and Simone head over to the antenna and work to pull it down. Kitty and Betty head inside. A zombie guard heads towards them, so they run up grab his gun and keep running. They find the DJ booth. After a few minutes of talking Kitty pulls her knife and orders the DJ to turn off the music. The young man is scared and does so. As he flips off the power the antenna collapsed.

Later the team regroups at the airfield. Agent Simms explains that Professor Voodoo had developed a mind-control device that he was piggy-backing over the carrier waves of the new FM frequencies, affecting people after they’d gone to sleep. Simms says that CIPHER will take custody of Voodoo from here. He compliments OMEGA on a job well done, in his traditional low-key way. Jack Champion III echoes the sentiment and vows to see everyone back at base.

OMEGA-Violet boards their DC-3 and heads back to OMEGA Island. Crash is cleared to land, but suddenly the runway buckles and erupts. Crash swerves away, but the wing catches the water. The plane crashes into the ocean and starts to sink. Everyone but Kitty and Crash black out.



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