The End?

Sims recommends we return to the plane to use the receiver to track Stacy’s communicator. He reports they tracked the other ship headed to south Carolina, landed and then took off a super-sonic speed. Crash takes off and pushes the plane as hard as he can. Crash almost catches up over Miami. The signal suddenly diminishes, and Crash circles the plane. Bobbi looks out the window and spots a drive-in theater Crash lands behind the screen. Simone and Betty notice a storm door. Simone picks the lock, and we all head down. Bobbi leads down the hallway, stopping to look in the interrogation rooms. We head in to a large control room, the center screen is showing us walking up. Bobbi looks around and shoots the camera. The center chair spins around and Jack Champion III says ‘that was rude’ and we hear boots running down the hall towards us. The team takes positions, as Crash threatens JCIII. Crash shoots Buck in the head, then points back at JCIII ‘I am serious’ Simone points her gun at Sparks.
Jack Champion III says they are not traitors. Simone asks how that is possible. He says the whole system is corrupt and needs to be brought down. The teams all nods, and Simone and Stacy both shoot Sparks as Bobbi shoots Jack Champion III. Jack Champion III shoots Crash. Kitty tries to stab an incoming mook. Betty hits another mook with her cane, shattering his wrist. Jack Champion III presses ducks out of the room. Bobbi shoots at him as Crash leaps the console and chases him. The screen slams back down behind Crash. He runs down a hallway, encountering their Bolt with Natalie in the pilot seat. Crash shoots Jack Champion III in the leg, crippling him, then starts mashing all the buttons in his chair. Natalie shoots at Crash, but he ducks behind the chair. Natalie takes off.
Betty takes a swing at a mook, but drops her cane. Bobbi shoots a mook, then walks up and kisses his forehead.
We take Jack Champion III in to custody for questioning.
OMEGA is reorganized and we are now inin change, base out of the drive-in movie theatre.

Episode 1: Part 9
The Spies Who Stayed Out in the Cold

The SnowCat stops in front of the Bureau of Engraving and Printing, as a group of guys runs out the door. As Crash drives up, the rear doors swing open and a machine gun pops up. Crash swerves and hits the back of the snow-cat, so it was pointing at his team. Bobbi shoots the guy carrying the bag, knocking him down. When the driver of the SnowCat gets out, Crash realizes it is Buck Morgan from OMEGA-Red. Bobbi takes a position behind the car, but the machine gun guy shoots her left hand. Buck activates his jet-pack and takes off. Bobbi shoots the machine gun guy. Stacy gets shot and kicks the guy that shot her. Crash leans out the car door and takes a long-range shot at the rapidly disappearing Buck, astoundingly hitting Buck in the hand! Buck drops the satchel. Bobbi gets shot in her other hand. Bobbi and Crash finish off the rest of the mercenaries. Crash run up to the SnowCat and points his gun at the (new) driver. Stacy shoots past Crash’s ear and kills the driver. She then explains she dropped her communicator in to Buck’s pocket before he took off. Stacy pulls off everyone’s ski-masks, and recognizes Max Stone, the weapons guy from OMEGA-Red, and several were from OMEGA-Blue.

Betty runs after the third man; he breaks her cane and she stabs him in the neck. Kitty staggers out to the bundles, and Simone tosses her a rope. She manages to pull the bundles and herself off the ice. The children have hypotherma but are fine.

The team regroups, Kitty performs first aid on the team, and they head to the White House. They also call Agent Simms to report in.

Episode 1: Part 8
When It Snows in June

The scene begins with an argument among the group: Canada or Las Vegas? The ultimate choice was Miami because Doc Carson had come out of his coma and left the hospital. The group takes off in the new Bolt, a gift from the Admiral.

Over Washington, DC, Crash notices a blip on the radarscope. He realizes it’s the Pelican, and it’s in a high-altitude flight pattern. Suddenly, the Bolt was surrounded by ice and snow. Betty remembers that Dr. Calamity’s stolen device was possibly equipped on the Pelican. Bobbi gets on the radio and receives a broadcast from Agent Simms, who says that the National Weather Service is saying DC is inundated with a snowfall… in June! The team speculates that OMEGA Blue is involved. Simms also notes that there is some concern that the President’s grandchildren might be kidnapped. Crash continues pursuit of the Pelican. Tricky flying taxed Crash’s skills, and he sent the plane into a dive to rid the wings of ice, then landed the Bolt at Bolling Air Force Base.

Crash and Bobbi attempt to “charm” a lieutenant into refueling the plane and restocking the plane’s bar. Agent Simms contacted the group and asked them to contact the Secret Service to assist with the investigation of the kidnapping plot. The team heads to the Treasury Building to meet the Secret Service agents. While Crash is driving the team from the airport to the Treasury Building, Simone noticed the sound and tracks of a SnowCat. Crash turned to follow the SnowCat.

A chase ensued; Bobbi and Simone scored hits with their pistols as Crash pursued the SnowCat down 15th Street NW toward the Tidal Basin. The SnowCat veered toward the Tidal Basin retaining wall, with Crash pushing the SnowCat with the car. The SnowCat crashed through the retaining wall and onto a dock below, while Crash used the hand brake to spin the car to face the SnowCat. Bobbi, Simone, and Crash pinned the occupants of the SnowCat and demanded they come out with their hands up; Betty flanked the occupants. Kitty moved toward the SnowCat to rescue the children if possible. Crash took a bullet from one SnowCat occupant; Bobbi shot the other occupant, while Simone shot the first shooter. A third SnowCat occupant tossed two “bundles” onto the ice of the Tidal Basin (the grandchildren); Betty pursued the third occupant while Kitty moved out onto the thin ice to rescue the children.

Crash and Bobbi heard another SnowCat in the distance and went back to the car to give pursuit…

Episode 1: Part 7

Bobbi and Kitty take Bob (the captive mercenary) and head to Bayonne to check out the warehouse where the mercs assembled. Bobbi sneaks into the warehouse and looks around, heading further into the building. Bobbi finds cigarette butts and some crates, but no people or anything incriminating looking. They leave Bob there and head back to the hotel. Crash spends the time teaching Homer how to mix drinks.

Crash calls a hooker, and everyone retires to their rooms. After breakfast the team heads to Idlewild Airport. As Crash is driving, a large Lincoln cuts them off and he screeches to a halt. Out steps Jack Champion, Sr. and he canes over to the team. He says he’s had trouble keeping tabs on them, and has some information about Nellis Air Force Base. The items stolen were from all over the base. OMEGA-Violet updates him on everything they have discovered, and he is concerned. He gives them ammunition and tells them to be careful.

The team heads to the Pan Am terminal. They quickly spot Simms and his agents. Marcie has a file folder with the documents Kitty allegedly signed moving blood to Canada. Simone realizes the signature is her forgery of Kitty’s signature, from when Natalie asked her to sign a birthday card for one of the support personnel on OMEGA Island. Simms suddenly asks for a phone and, after a conversation, he announces Doc Carter is awake and walked out of the hospital. He then tells the team to tune their communicators as the Admiral wants to speak with them. The Admiral says he’s confused as to why OMEGA-Violet disobeyed orders, but is glad to hear they are making progress and satisfied that Agent Simms has vouched for them. He then gives them the last Avro Bolt – a VTOL.

Episode 1: Part 6

Simone shoots at the thugs and hits one in the leg. Stacy follows suit. Crash shoots the large man on the ladder in the crotch. The man then purposefully lets go of the ladder and falls on to Crash’s head. Kitty stabs a thug, as Bobbi shoots another one. Betty runs up to the retreating thugs and kicks one. Kitty shoots another. Crash, nearly stunned, manages to shoot the large man again. He falls from the ladder to the field the helicopter took off from with a loud “THUD!”

Crash realizes that Natalie is cutting the ladder, so he races up the ladder to grab a skid. As he leaps to grab the skid, the ladder flaps away. She looks down and curses… in Russian!

Betty and Bobbi race to get the car to follow the helicopter while the others round up the final upright thug.

Natalie pulls her gun and shoots at Crash. He grabs her arm and yanks, tossing her out. She screams and falls to the ground. Bobbi and Betty agree no one could survive the fall, and drive on. Crash climbs in to the helicopter, and explains he can fly the helicopter, so is happy to shoot the pilot and toss him out, or let the pilot land and go free. The pilot heads for an field; Crash and Homer get out of the helicopter and walk away.

Simone pulls the mask off the big man Crash tossed off the ladder, and realizes it is Big Mike Young from OMEGA-Blue.

The team regroups and returns to New York City. They have Homer, a captive, and a trunk full of guns. Kitty patches up the captive and Crash, while Simone talks to a traumatized Homer. They check into a hotel and settle in.

Crash asks Homer to draw his valve system. It seems best suited to a high-altitude dispersal.
Kitty questions their captive (Bob) and learns he is a mercenary hired by Natalie. They met in Bayonne, were driven to the heliport, and flew to the high school.

Simone’s communicator beeps and she gets a call that Marcie Little wants to talk to her. She has been looking over the paperwork and discovered OMEGA-Violet authorized a large amount of blood transferred to Canada Base.

Episode 1: Part 4.5-5

Bobbi calls Homer Kimmelman and gets Kimmelman Plumbing. She says they are with USO to interview inventors. His father is very excited so tells her where he will be. The team meets at the school. Bobbi is dressed as a sexy teacher. She goes to the group of nerds and asks for Homer. They tell her he went off with a teacher they didn’t recognize. Simone and Bobbi head off after him. Simone gets a glimpse and thinks it might be Natalie Reynolds (from Omega Red), but how can that be… she’s dead! Simone calls to Homer that his father is on the phone. Homer starts to turn, but Natalie drags him off. Simone calls on the communicator for help. The whole team runs to intercept. They hear gunfire. Simone calls to Homer that he should run. Bobbi shoots Natalie’s hand.

Crash runs towards the gunfire and catches up to Bobbi and Simone. He shoots at Natalie as she opens the hall door and drags Homer out. Stacy pulls her pistol and runs after. As she reaches the door, heavy gunfire errupts and the hall windows are blown out. They all dive for the floor.

Kitty and Betty come around the exterior corner of the building and see Natalie dragging Homer as a helicopter drops a rope ladder. Crash runs through the door and shoots at the helicopter as Betty runs towards Natalie. Simone runs in to a classroom and climbs out an un-targeted window. Kitty stabs a thug to get him to stop shooting. Bobby shoots Natalie.

Crash drops his gun and leaps on to the ladder.

Episode 1: Part 4
Pilot: Act II, Continued.

The team lands at Idlewild Airport. Crash drops off the plane, Betty calls a friend to ask if they have any idea where CIPHER’s New York safe house might be. He agrees to look in to it. The team gets in a cab and heads to Grand Central Station. Betty realizes they are being followed, so offers the driver an extra $5 to lose them which he does. They get the address of the safe house and head to the third floor of an office building. Kitty decided to sneak in to the safe house, while Betty and Crash go and knock on the front door. They introduce themselves to the two CIPHER agents and Betty shows them her badge. They clearly know who Crash and Betty are, and ask why they aren’t in Miami. She reminds them they are on the same team, and the men agree to let them speak to Miss Little. Betty starts talking to Miss Little and Marcie starts crying. Crash swoops in to comfort her. She describes the day, the men came in the front door and she hid under her desk while they shot everyone.

Then Betty, Crash, and Kitty sneak in to the New York office to look for clues. Crash finds the bar while Betty and Kitty search for clues. They gather Marcie’s personal effects and papers before leaving.

Simone finds Agent Simms in her hotel room. She tells him about the numbers (that Doc Carson was muttering in the hospital) and he suggests the second number is a patent number. He explains the team is under suspicion and they talk. He finally agrees to let them leave without telling CIPHER.

The next morning Bobbi heads to the nearest library. She explains she found some numbers on the back of a hotel receipt and asked for help finding out what the numbers mean. After some time and research the reference librarian tells her that they are both Patent numbers, and they are registered to a Homer Kimmelman.

Jack Champion, Sr. calls to tell the group that his contacts have discovered that at the same time as the attack on OMEGA, several items were stolen from an annex to Nellis Air Force Base. He has a list of inventory numbers, but they are useless outside of the facility…

Episode 1: Part 3
Pilot: Act II, Continued.

The Omicron arrives in Miami. CIPHER has taken over the top floor of a hotel and “requested” that the team stay in the hotel. One CIPHER agent is by the elevator.

Kitty sneaks out of the hotel and heads out on the town. The rest of the team heads to the hotel bar. In a dark booth they see a man that Simone recognizes – Jack Champion, Sr. Crash notices that Bobbi Soxx is in the booth with Champion, Sr. He sits down and introduces himself. Champion sends his card to Simone and Betty and we all gather at the booth. He asked Bobbi to join the team, and asks what are plans are. He explains that Marcie Little survived the New York attack and Doc Carson was fished out of the water with a gunshot to the head and taken to Miami General.

Crash walks up to one of the CIPHER agent and knocks him out. Betty walks up to the other agent and knocks him on the head with her cane. Crash looks through the agent’s pockets to get keys. Betty goes through the other agent’s pockets, taking his notebook and some of his pills. Crash, Betty, and Kitty take the agents’ car and head to the airport.

Bobbi, Simone, and Stacy head to the hospital. They go to the nurses’ changing room and dress as nurses and candy strippers before going to Doc Carson’s room. They find he’s under protective custody. Bobbi walks up to the police, announces she’s there to change his cathter and heads in to the room. There’s a man in a grey suit sitting next to the bed. She asks him to step out, then looks at Carson. He is muttering a number(s): 2884254 D185078. She checks his chart then heads back into the hall.

Meanwhile, at the airport, Crash brazenly steals a plane, and the three fly to New York.

Episode 1: Part 2
Pilot: Act II

Crash starts looking around for a life raft. The team escapes the plane, and makes it into the raft. Crash dives in and pulls the raft. Eventually the Coast Guard ship Omicron is spotted, and they rescue the group. Medics examine the group, and it is gradually realized that they have been separated and placed in different rooms with a guard on each room.

Kitty puts some herbs in the liquor she Crash gave her,and invites her guard in. After 15 minutes he passes out, she tucks him in and leaves. Simone seduces her guard, and after he falls asleep she leaves. Betty asks to go to the bathroom, turns on the shower, and escapes out the air duct. Crash settles in and starts writing his memoirs in his head. After a bit, a commander comes in and says the Admiral wants to see him. He pauses and asks Crash if he knows where his companions are. Crash suggests they have been distracted and wandered off.

Betty makes her way to the officers’ quarters. She goes through the captain’s safe, looking for the last orders, to see if this is a trap.

Kitty sneaks about, and heads for the radio room. She overhears the ship giving permission for a helicopter to land. As she is walking, she finds the rest of the team. They all head for the bridge. Admiral Conrad Flagg escorts the ladies to the boardroom. Crash regal them with a tale of his version of what happened. The admiral says that we are the only O.M.E.G.A. team that has been found, Agent Simms arrives and explains that island had a catastrophic failure and exploded. The New York offices were assaulted by gunmen. Catalina Island flooded and sunk. Bolt Hanger under Kansas imploded. Canada bases is covered in blood, but they have found no bodies. The ship is headed for Miami and C.I.P.H.E.R. will take over the investigation.

Episode 1
Pilot: Act One

June 1959
New Orleans, in a graveyard, 0400

The OMEGAnauts are facing Professor Voodoo and his zombie minions.

Betty notices most [of the aforementioned minions] are dressed in their nightclothes and aren’t showing signs of decay. Betty runs up to the mausoleum Professor Voodoo is standing on, and hits him in the groin with her cane. Simone shoots the professor in the left arm. Crash launches off a tombstone and leaps into a crowd of zombies and starts punching as they start to swarm him. Kitty vanishes into the shadows and moves behind Professor Voodoo.

Professor Voodoo thumps his cane on the mausoleum and there is a blinding flash. Kitty notices some movement in the shadows and runs after him. Simone breaks free of the zombies as the group all hears a voice call “Omega Code White!” as they hear jet packs roar and tires squeal. Omega Red has arrived.

Jack Champion III tosses Crash his lighter, and asks for his flask back. When Crash starts to tell a story, he turns away and asks Sparks if he has located the signal. He then orders Omega Violet to shut down the transmitter. We all pile in to Buck Morgan’s car and [with] Crash [behind the wheel] take off.

We arrive at the WXMB, and Crash drives straight thru the chain link fence. Crash and Simone head over to the antenna and work to pull it down. Kitty and Betty head inside. A zombie guard heads towards them, so they run up grab his gun and keep running. They find the DJ booth. After a few minutes of talking Kitty pulls her knife and orders the DJ to turn off the music. The young man is scared and does so. As he flips off the power the antenna collapsed.

Later the team regroups at the airfield. Agent Simms explains that Professor Voodoo had developed a mind-control device that he was piggy-backing over the carrier waves of the new FM frequencies, affecting people after they’d gone to sleep. Simms says that CIPHER will take custody of Voodoo from here. He compliments OMEGA on a job well done, in his traditional low-key way. Jack Champion III echoes the sentiment and vows to see everyone back at base.

OMEGA-Violet boards their DC-3 and heads back to OMEGA Island. Crash is cleared to land, but suddenly the runway buckles and erupts. Crash swerves away, but the wing catches the water. The plane crashes into the ocean and starts to sink. Everyone but Kitty and Crash black out.


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